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Hi I’m victoria,

Strategically Focused Social Media Manager Passionate About Boosting Business Success

I like to make products get more attention online

Hi! I’m Victoria, Freelance Social Media Manager by day, UGC creator by night –  an unbeatable combo for ecommerce brands in Australia.

a little bit about me


Meet Victoria, Director and Social Media Marketing Manager at Freshly Digital, a tailored social media agency based in Sydney, Australia.

Commencing my career at Colette by Colette Hayman as a Marketing Coordinator, I honed skills applicable only in the field. Over 2.5 years, I cultivated confidence in presenting ideas, leading to the successful launch of their TikTok platform.

Amidst the ongoing impact of COVID, I navigated a career shift into PR, working with a bespoke agency in Sydney. This experience emphasized the significance of work/life balance and enhanced my ability to tackle challenges swiftly, promoting mental health awareness.

Returning to freelancing for a breather, I unexpectedly gained traction with local businesses, family, and friends struggling to manage their social media amidst evolving trends. Recognizing the need to support small businesses, I founded Freshly Digital to alleviate their marketing burdens and confidently achieve social media goals.

Just to give you an idea

this is how our partnership would pan out...

Firstly. we’ll catch up over zoom and have a casual chat about your business, what your needs and struggles are and a good idea of how this partnership would work weekly/monthly.

Secondly, I would take a couple of days to pull together a social media marketing proposal for your brand, and position it within my proposed strategy.

Lastly, if you’re happy with what you see, I’ll suggest packages that would work for what you need in your business and go from there!

5 reasons why we should work together

Affordable and adjustable packages to suit you

We work together in collaboration

I'm not afraid to pitch ideas

feel secure knowing your social media are looked after

we can stop at anytime

worked with

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