CONTROVERSIAL Things I Do That Guru’s Tell You Not To Do On TikTok…

PSA: This will upset ALOT of people, so read at your own discretion and please be kind. This is my own learning experience from the past 6 years working in social media marketing.

I’ve seen a lot of gurus and experts say things like:

“Don’t post and leave.”

“Engage with your audience after you post.”

“Increase engagement by doing these three things…”

And to be honest… I do all of these things and still deliver results, and this is why.

Your content is what gets you results, not outbound engagement.

What is outbound engagement?

Outbound engagement is manually commenting, liking, and responding to posts of potential customers.

I’m guilty of telling my previous clients to engage for at least 15 minutes a day, but it only does one thing: increase the accounts they reach.

This does not increase your chances of high-performing posts or content, sorry to break it to you.

Your content and the way you deliver your message will determine your performance.

These are the things that I’m not wasting my precious time on, and neither should you:

  1. Engagement after posting – There is no way I’m wasting 30 minutes a day on commenting on random people’s social media profiles… It gives stalker energy, and sometimes it even makes me feel uncomfortable when it happens to me.
  2. Waiting for comments – If there are no comments, then that’s okay! Move on with your day and re-evaluate your content on Monday.
  3. Sliding into random DMs and offering 10% off – Just no, stop doing this. It won’t make people buy from a brand they’ve never heard of, even if they’re getting a discount.
  4. Only using trending sounds – Again, this will not determine the success of your content… How you deliver your message through content will determine the success.

So, this is what I’m doing instead, and you should too if you’re focusing on your content strategy:

  1. Responding to comments on your posts, even if they’re negative – I recently received my very first troll who thought they knew better with their clearly 0 experience in social media marketing. So, I used that as an opportunity to showcase my expertise, and he obviously stopped replying (WINNER WINNER). Respond respectfully and kindly while still being firm in your WHY can speak volumes about your brand values and work experience.
  2. Being brutally honest about why your content didn’t perform well – We’ve all been in a position where we’ve created that one TikTok that we thought was gonna blow up and has done the exact opposite; it tanked. So why did that happen? Could it be the quality of the video and editing? Could it be the message delivery didn’t resonate with the first 200 people? Be honest and do better!
  3. Make your customers feel special through acknowledgment of their purchase – If you’re a product-based business wanting to give people a reason to feel special and noticed, use your platform to acknowledge their purchase. You probably see this a lot! Some examples are; pack an order with me or “this person ordered 10 times so let’s throw in a few extra things to say thank you”. If you’re not in a position to give away and reward your customers for investing in your brand, then some alternatives are offering a discount for their next order and resharing their content they’ve posted with their product. It’s easy, simple, and a great way to make your customers feel like they’re part of something bigger.
  4. Using music and sounds that match the energy of your content – I love music and using music that matches either the rhythm or style of content you’re producing. For example, if you’re a tattoo artist and you’re posting an anime tattoo you’ve done, then I would use Japanese music with your content. Always trust your instinct with your music!

So, if you know you can dedicate your precious time to adding more value to your business, then do it.

Educate yourself and learn from what you’ve created so far! We all have it in ourselves to be successful on social media.

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