The Pitfalls of Comparing Your Small Business to Larger Competitors

If you’re a small business frequently comparing yourself to larger brands through analysis of their social media, websites, and billboard campaigns, it’s essential to realize that this might be limiting your broader brand perspective on social media.

Allow me to elaborate further.


What stands out about small businesses on social media is their authentic storytelling – whether it’s showcasing daily activities, recently launched projects, or simply entertaining the audience. Finding joy in being both entertained and inspired is a key aspect.

How does your approach differ from that of larger brands?

The significant distinction lies in the flexibility you enjoy as a small business. Unlike larger brands, which contend with multiple approval processes to align content with the company’s image, you have the freedom to be funny, sad, happy, or even angry – all in the pursuit of inspiring, entertaining, or motivating your audience.

While an agency owner recently declared content pillars as obsolete, I concur to some extent. If your content lacks the ability to entertain, motivate, or inspire your audience, they’re likely to quickly scroll past.

Take a moment to consider how you can infuse entertainment, inspiration, or motivation into your content. Evaluate why your audience repeatedly engages with your content and invests time and money in your business. This reflection can significantly enhance your brand’s online presence and appeal.

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