Why only having “value-driven content” can ruin your content strategy…

If you’re reading this then I can imagine you’ve been told by every other “strategist” or “expert” who’s told you about the importance of Value Driven Content but has anyone told you that by only sticking to value based content, can ruin your strategy…. let me explain.

The customer journey starts often from a referral or brand awareness campaign (influencer, meta ad, google ad etc.) and from there, the customer will see your brand, product or service at least 7-9 times before taking action to convert to your product or service.

It’s vital to have value-driven content of course, however, if you’re only providing that style of content, you’re basically shoving the product/service down the customers throat….which isn’t cute. So what can we do so we don’t exhaust our audience?

Have a versatile content pillar strategy that includes value, entertainment and information to educate, entertain and connect through a humanised tone of voice.

By providing multiple styles of content to the customer/community, can then give your brand the opportunity to approach the customer from multiple angles without exhausting their attention and prevent scrolling past your brand because they already know what you’re going to say…

Here’s a little exercise for you to try:

  1. Write down three styles of content you want to create (reels, tiktok, static, gif, stories etc.)
  2. Underneath those styles write down if you find a style to be entertaining, informative or value based
  3. Then write down 10 things you find entertaining, informative and valuable to you as a person using social media

Step away for a day and come back to your list and write down 10x content ideas that are entertaining, informative and value based that will align your brand’s products or service to the pain points your customer would experience.

And if you don’t post then you’ve just wasted your time and there’s nothing worse than a business owner that feels like they’ve just wasted their time which they’ll never get back… Don’t waste it and create amazing content.

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