Why interning is the best way to break into the marketing industry

By Kasey McKillop

Getting into the marketing industry is one of those tricking things if you don’t know where to start… 

My opinion is to get interning and make strong connections with those in the industry. 

Unlike some other industries a degree is not the only path you can take if you’re wanting to get into the marketing space, however it does help! Interning is one of those golden keys that can help you push open the door into this ruthless industry. 

So where should you start? 

Firsty, I would suggest stalking the careers pages in linked in, seek, indeed and fashion journal. There are so many amazing intern opportunities that arise daily and are a great place to look if you’re not sure where to start. 

But what if you’re set on a few companies you’d love to intern for? 

I would say to be confident and don’t be afraid of a no… Reach out to those brands you love and ask if they would consider taking on an intern, you can be as specific or broad as you want when inquiring. Pro tip! Attach any previous work you’ve either done to the email, people love visuals especially in the marketing industry. And just be yourself, you’re more likely to enjoy your time interning and soak up as much knowledge as possible if you’re doing it with a brand you love and that aligns with your values. 

So why is interning so vital in this industry… Interning provides that hands-on experience that you can’t get when sitting in a lecture room, it lets you connect and pick the brains of like minded people. Plus you can also experience what it’ll be like if you already worked in the industry, which can help you make sure you like the career. 

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